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This is not a get rich quick program nor do I believe in overnight success. I believe in hard work, integrity and developing your skills if you want to earn more financially. As stipulated by law, I can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with any of these products or services. The average person who buys any "how-to" information gets little to no results. Any references or examples used within this website are real and documented but are used strictly for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors, including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. 

Online Marketing Strategist

Traffic for a lifetime, leads on auto-pilot, deals closed for you by trained coaches and on-going commissions! 

Enter your info below and let me share my system with you!

Never message or call another prospect anymore.

Never spend hours online promoting your affiliate links, products or business again.

Get traffic directly to your capture page for a lifetime!

Let our highly trained coaches do the follow-up and close the sales for you.

So! Enter your info below and get started!

Too good to be true?

I used to think so too...

But you can look for reasons why this is not going to work, or you can look at the social proof .

Your choice!

Lead generation, on-going traffic and high ticket sales.

It's a simple formula, but one that works.

 The most discouraging part of online business is investing time, effort and money in generating traffic and leads to your offer only to end up with unqualified prospects...

You know? The tire-kickers, the skeptics, the complainers, the cray-cray conspiracy theorists that will over-analyze your every word, hide in the online bushes waiting for you to make the "wrong move" and reveal your true agenda but NEVER take action....

It's exhausting...I've been there.

I quit my corporate job so I would have "time freedom" and quickly became a slave to my coaching business.

I spent hours a day posting on every platform, arm-wrestling with clients who kept trying to short change my coaching program, tediously working through every single objection.

Was I making money? Yes! 

But it was costing me my personal freedom and mental sanity. And both are priceless.

Something had to change.

So I took a leap of faith and, boy! Am I glad I did.

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I am a marketing consultant, I take online business owners from overlooked to overbooked!

I manage both private and small businesses social media pages.

Yet I'm not one of these online gurus (eye roll) or  influencer, I'm a regular 'gal, living a regular life with two oddball rescue dogs.


 I'm also a business owner, Forbes trained and with a master coach certification from the Tony Robbins academy.

I believe in common sense and methods that have a documented track record of bringing results.

Affiliation is a tried and true way to create cash flow and support yourself and your business during the initial phase of its creation,

and a great source of additional income.

I am very thorough about choosing legitimate, viable and successful affiliate programs.

Please be aware that results are highly subjective to your level of investment, commitment and willingness to give each program a reasonable amount of time to bring returns.

What is D.I.S (TM)?

And why should you join?

Let's address the elephant in the room right away: It is not a pyramid scheme! Those were banned by the FTC years ago.


It's not a MLM, Tupperware parties? Thanks but no thanks.

D.I.S (TM) is a peer-to-peer referral program. Plain and simple.

Let's be straight: it's a high-ticket program.

The initial investment is one time payment ranging from 1k to 24k., no hidden fees, no membership, no pass-ups. EVER! 


Why so high? Because it gives you a life-time of traffic to a capture page that is already set up for you, brought to you on a rotation.


Your quality leads (not fourteen year-old kids from Bevakhastan, yes...I just made it up but you get the point ) are then contacted by highly trained coached who take care of the follow up and close the sale for you.


You share the proceeds 50/50 with your coach.



Yes, that's it.


Traffic is driven to your personalized capture page every rotation for a lifetime


Quality leads land on your page and get in contact with highly trained coaches.


Our professional coaches handle the follow-up and sales process. You get notified every time you have a sale and get 50% of the sale

Ready to end the struggle?

Who is this system for?

Anyone with a wi-fi connection, and a willingness to invest in a system that will make them extra cash flow
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